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How Can the Seasons Affect Rural and Vacant Land Sales?

You can sell vacant and rural land during any of the four seasons. Each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages for listing and selling property. By planning your selling strategy to coincide with a four-season timeline, you can know when and how to list your property for a faster sale. You’ll also be better prepared to accept or reject an offer. Understanding what to expect from buyers at given times of the year can help you sell land fast during the spring, summer, fall or winter.

Pictures and Video Can Bring Out Each Season’s Best in Your Land

To help your listing stand out from your land-sale competitors, invest in a versatile digital camera that captures high-quality still images and clear video footage. Focus on how each season adds to the attractiveness of your land. With some basic editing skills, you can add a voiceover or caption text to describe your land’s features and location.

Technology can automate and expedite the sales process and provide an advantage over your competitors. Images and video tours can be saved and sent instantly — or automatically — to an interested buyer. If you find any of the technology too challenging, there are tech-savvy individuals available who could create professional-quality selling tools and materials for you.

A Summertime Selling Strategy Can Capitalize on Land Use

As summer brings longer days with more sunshine, buyers who looked through real estate listings during the spring may now be deciding what to buy. Serious buyers may be eager to move forward with an offer and seek a quick closing.

If your land is suitable for investors and developers, let them know there's an opportunity to get started on a building project. Knowing and promoting what your land can best be used for can work in your favor. An effective summer selling plan could revolve around promoting your vacant land's possibilities.

If you believe farmers may be interested in your land, feature images and videos geared toward agricultural production. If your land's soil is ideal for growing crops harvested during the fall, give potential buyers some reasons to place offers early and get their seeds planted.

Summer is also a good time to bring attention to nearby recreational activities. Include in your listing the advantages of nearby wildlife areas, rivers and lakes. Hunters may be interested in land that attracts animals before they hibernate for the winter. The natural surroundings and food supplies within your property's perimeter can be an attraction for hunters. Bears, for example, can be drawn by the trees, fruits or berries on your land. Hunters generally like to camp; they may also prefer property on which they can build a cabin. With that in mind, they may want to know whether running water is connected to the land or if they'll have to install a well or septic tank.

How Can a Listing in the Fall Help Sell My Vacant Land?

A motivated buyer during the fall could be someone new to the area that needs to make a purchase before the end of the year. Someone who missed the spring and summer listings may move fast to take land that's available with a seller who's willing to communicate. The more temperate weather also helps encourage in-person visits and walk-throughs. It’s a hectic season, so you may need to be more flexible in scheduling appointments.

To attract a committed buyer during a potentially busy fall season, post attractive images of your land with changing leaves on well-kept trees. Clean up any fallen debris and show a comfortable and inviting landscape. If there are nearby hiking trails, highlight the activities a buyer’s friends and family may enjoy. Images of fishing, jet skiing or a picnic at a lake near your lot could be a strong selling point and communicate what a buyer can look forward to during the fall season.

What Can I Do To Help Sell Land During the Winter?

You may have heard several myths about how selling land in the winter is impossible. However, technology has made land sales not only possible but also practical. A growth in websites dedicated to real estate listings and the rise in online communities helps to connect buyers and sellers throughout the year.

Individuals hunkered down inside during the cold winter months may be actively searching and viewing property listings. Online postings with detailed descriptions, high-quality images and clear video tours stand out. Some offers can be made electronically, and closings could take place virtually.

If your land is situated near an alluring winter attraction, such as a ski resort, make good use of that fact in your listing. If your lot is covered in ice and snow, there’s a greater chance it might otherwise be passed up until the spring thaw.

To find an eager land buyer, post images and videos of your property during its peak season. During the winter, you still need to include pictures of how your land currently appears and add links to online maps. However, you may not be able to plan on too many interested parties coming to meet with you in person if your lot is hard to find in inclement weather or when snow-covered.

Because of the challenges winter presents, some buyers may assume that you're ready to offload your land at a fire-sale price. You could hold firm and wait until springtime, but if you need to make a sale, you may be willing to accept a reasonable offer that comes along.

How Can Spring Help Bring About a Vacant Land Sale?

In addition to springtime weather conditions that can provide you with eye-catching pictures of your land, people are out and ready for changes. Add a hefty tax refund to the equation and your land may be part of a qualified buyer's future.

Spring can be an advantageous time to list your rural land because the weather gives a buyer a chance to comfortably examine its topography close up. A determined farmer, for example, may wish to survey the land's production potential during rainy and sunny days. It may take a little patience, but giving an agricultural investor an opportunity to come and go several times could lead to an earnest offer.

Finances can flourish during the spring months when many businesses and individuals are not only finished with the winter but they’re also done with tax season. Spring may mean they're ready to make a change into something that can improve their lives once summer arrives. Someone who spent a long, dreary winter thinking of building a dream home or a new development project can now make it a reality with some additional cash.

With the springtime sun shining, snapping pictures of blooming flowers and trees on your land can make a difference in inspiring someone to place an offer. Your images and video footage can also feature those qualities that a potential investor or homeowner wants. A real estate developer may be more interested in the location of your land and its future revenue potential. To attract a commercial buyer, taking pictures and videos of nearby shopping centers or residential communities can show your land's possibilities for profit.

Potential homeowners intending to build a house may be interested in your land's neighborhood, schools and houses of worship. Where your land is situated helps them determine how far they will need to commute to work; adding images and descriptions of a nearby transportation hub and highways can help them plan a route.

How Do I Sell My Land When There Are So Many Other Listings?

Vacant land sales require an eye-catching campaign rich with images, virtual tours and fast communications. Many sellers believe they can list their land with a realtor and buyers will flock to a lot through a multiple listing service. While it does happen sometimes, it may not be an effective way to receive a serious offer that reflects your asking price.

To sell land fast, leverage relationships already established throughout your state or local community. Working with an experienced real estate investment firm skilled in selling vacant land can enable you to reach qualified buyers quickly. When qualified buyers find that your land meets their commercial or building needs, you’ll no longer need to be concerned about any surprise circumstances that the seasons can bring.

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