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  • Dana Jackson

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Land More Valuable

As populations across the globe continue to increase, the demand for land will continue to rise. Due to the economic principle of supply and demand, you can expect land to slowly and steadily increase in value over time. If you're hoping to see the value of your land increase sooner rather than later, then there are some simple steps you can take to increase the value of your property before engaging in a vacant land sale.

Ways To Increase the Value of Land

Here are five simple ways to make your land more valuable so you can sell land fast.

1. Survey Your Land

You may wonder, "How do I sell my land quicker and at a higher price?" If so, you'd do well to get your land surveyed so you can see the strengths and weaknesses of your property. While it's not cheap to get your land surveyed, the information you receive from the report can be invaluable when knowing where to invest in your property in order to get the highest return.

Some of the important types of information that can come from a land survey include:

• Easement locations

• Property restrictions

• Property boundaries

• Property soil types and topography

Knowing the specifics of your property boundaries is not only helpful for you when making improvements, but also is convenient for a buyer that wants to feel comfortable knowing exactly what they will be purchasing.

2. Improve Access to Your Land

In order to sell your land quickly, your property has to be accessible. If your vacant land is poorly accessible (or not accessible at all), the amount of buyers you can sell to is drastically reduced. Handling access easements takes some work but is ultimately worth it.

Some potential roadblocks to look out for when improving land accessibility would include:

• Streams blocking access

• Pothole-filled roads

• Woodland that needs to be cleared

When trying to sell vacant land, do whatever is within your power to make access to the property as easy as possible.

3. Build Gates on the Property

Along with making sure there is access to your property, you should focus on the entrances to the property itself. In order to make a good impression on a potential buyer, you'll want them to feel confident in an entrance's ability to portray stability and security.

Make sure any gates that are installed at the entrances to your property are sized according to future needs. Depending on what the land may be used for, you'll want your gateways to be wide enough for equipment to come in and out.

It's also a good practice to have gates to the property installed just off the main road so there's a safe entrance for heavy equipment to pass through without stopping traffic.

4. Add Utility Lines

Another common question is, "How do I sell my vacant land?" If this sounds familiar, you may consider making it easy to occupy. One obvious way to do this is by installing utility lines on the property. Studies show that access to electricity is one of the major concerns of potential land buyers.

While adding utilities can sometimes be costly, adding them will immediately make your land more attractive to buyers. Utilities are typically a worthwhile investment for landowners looking to sell land fast.

5. Add Buildings or Structures

In most scenarios, adding buildings to your property can help increase the perceived value of the property. Some building types to consider adding might include:

• Barns

• Homes

• Storage Sheds

• Warehouses

That being said, not every type of land is better off with buildings already located there. When selling your land, you'll want to consider the intended purpose of the buyers you're looking to attract and only build buildings if it would make the property more attractive.

How Can I Get Help To Sell My Vacant Land?

While these are only a few of the things you can do to increase the value of your property to help you sell your land fast, there is still more that can be done. For professional help in the selling of land, trust the experts at Squier Capital Group. You can get a cash offer on your land in 15 minutes or less.

Contact us today to see how we can help sell your vacant land!

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