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Why We Buy Land | Our Story

We are a small, family owned real estate investment firm focused on vacant land. Honesty is our mantra. We realize that this industry is full of empty promises and gray tactics that can leave a land seller confused and often times still holding their land long after they thought it was sold. We are in the business to be upfront and honest about the transaction so everyone is happy.


We pool together our families resources to fund 100% of the vacant land deals we participate in. We answer all of our own phones and sign all our own paperwork. 


The business was started a few year ago after helping my best friend who owns a land buying firm in the Southeast. He had been helping families in the Texas area for the past decade and asked if I wanted to learn more. A mentor and friend, he trained us on how to help individuals and families who acquired vacant land through a number of different means. 

We have always had a thirst for real estate, having been a land lords, flipping homes and remodeling multiple homes. After learning more about the need in the land business we decided our resources and time was best spent helping families get out from their vacant land holdings and getting them paid quickly. We love the feeling when we pay someone a fair amount for their land.


Our family would love to help, if you are looking to buy or sell vacant land, contact us. 

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